​​​​​MS Strategies



Areas of Practice

  • Health care reform, health system change and care delivery and payment models, with a focus on community-based services.

  • Programs and services to improve access to health coverage and quality health care for low-income and disadvantaged patients and communities.

  • Health equity and community engagement with communities experiencing health disparities.

  • Health care data, quality measurement and risk adjustment, with a focus on data collection and measurement on health disparities and risk adjustment of provider quality measures and payment methods to reflect social determinants of patients served.

  • Health care workforce and health professional education, with a focus on improving access, outcomes and quality for underserved, low-income and disadvantaged populations (e.g., Community Health Workers, Dental Therapists).

  • Minnesota State Innovation Model and Accountable Health projects, including e-health initiatives, Health Care Homes, Integrated Health Partnerships, Accountable Communities for Health, Behavioral Health Homes, Emerging Professions and others.


  • Health care safety net organizations

  • Health care safety net providers

  • Non-profit community oral health providers

  • Educational institutions

  • State agencies

  • Private foundations

  • Community organizations

Providing legal and consulting services to Minnesota’s health care safety net community to improve health equity in Minnesota through better access, health, quality of care and outcomes for patients and communities who experience health disparities.